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Perfumed light hair oil. Enriched with Amla & Vitamin - E

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How to use Eleen

How to use Eleen
  • Apply a few drops of Eleen on the hair roots and gently massage it in. Eleen is light and will spread easily.
  • Using Eleen after bath and specially after hair wash is more effective. Regulate the quantity you use so that the hair roots get enough but not excessive.
  • If you have a persisting hair fall or dandruff problem, try keeping your scalp as clean as possible. Use a very mild shampoo, two or three times a week depending on how fast your hair becomes grimy. Use Eleen regularly after every wash. Massage gently for at least 5 minutes. Gradually the problem will decrease.
  • Follow this regimen strictly even after the problem disappears. Hair care cannot be a one-time solution. Regular Care ensures Healthy Hair.



Emblica officinalis or amla is a small, long living deciduous tree.

Amla fruits are the richest natural source of Vitamin C.

Amla or Amlaki is one of the strongest rejuvenatives in Ayurvedic medicine. It rebuilds and maintains new tissues. Amlaki cleanses mouth, strengthens teeth, nourishes bones and causes hair to grow.

In Ayurveda Amla is said to possess sattvic guna ( quality).

Eleen's Story

Eleen's Story

Eleen was to be named Oleen, version of the word ‘Oleum’ meaning ‘oil’.

But it was not to be. The name Oleen was pre-registered. Several other names were tried. However by then the creative team were so used to Oleen that they did not want to let it go easily.

Then someone discovered that E of Emblica ( botanical name of Amla) and Vitamin E, if placed before the string of characters ‘leen’ forms a good name that rhymes with ‘Oleen’ and contains the common character ‘E’ of both the special ingredients in the product.

So there it was! Eleen finally got its name.

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