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  • Stops itches and prickly heat
  • Prevents itches, rashes and skin irritation.
  • Soothes skin after waxing or shaving.
  • Refreshes skin beneath tight garments, collars, belts, socks

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Summer uses of Suthol

Summer Heat brings with it many skin problems- Prickly Heat, Rashes, itches, skin irritations. Suthol antiseptic skin liquid provides the best relief from all these skin troubles. Go through the Ingredient details of Suthol and see how each component in Suthol has been carefully selected to help your skin remain fresh and trouble- free during summer.

Suthol is available in 3 variants – Suthol Neem, Suthol Chandan & Suthol Fresh

Available in Liquid, Spray and Gel.

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Suthol helps to avert Monsoon skin hazards

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Due to the warm, damp and humid climate during Monsoon, vector-borne, fungal, allergies and parasitic skin infections become very common.

    Here are the 5 basic tips to keep skin fresh during monsson:
  • Keep your skin dry. Change wet clothes as soon as possible.
  • Washing immediately upon return from outdoors with Suthol liquid is crucial. This simple precaution will go a long way in eliminating the ill-effects of any contact with infected material including skin to skin contact and contact with contaminated water.
  • Ensure that your nails are kept trimmed and short during the monsoon season. Long nails attract muck and bacteria thereby leading to fungal infection.
  • Wear cotton clothes during daytime.
  • Make it a point to wash your feet with clean water mixed with Suthol on returning home. Suthol ensures that you are kept safe from foot infections.

Other Important uses of Suthol

  • Suthol helps to disinfect & cure cuts and wounds.
  • In case of minor burns, immediately wash the affected skin with Suthol directly. Do not put water. You will find the burning sensation to subside within short time and the skin get cured without boils.
  • Use Suthol as an antiseptic after shave. It takes care of the minor cuts and leaves on a refreshing feel.
  • Suthol also helps in reducing insect bite irritations.

How to Use Suthol

Suthol Spray
  • Apply Suthol as many times as needed on the skin irritations, itches and rashes, regularly.
  • In case of cuts/wounds or skin affected over a concentrated area, it helps if you wet a cotton patch liberally with Suthol, place it on the affected skin and put a clean gauge on top fixing the entire dressing with a tape. Change this dressing twice a day, definitely after bath. Do not let the dressing get wet externally.
  • Suthol has a preventive effect on skin rashes. For prickly heat prone or pimple prone skin, go on applying Suthol on the area as a preventive measure.

Ingredients of Suthol

Suthol antiseptic skin liquid contains Neem, Turmeric, Marigold, Aloe vera, Cetrimide and Chlorhexidine Gluconate.


  • Aqueous extract of Neem leaf prevents rashes and itching.
  • Neem is effective against skin infections.
  • Antimicrobial effects of neem leaf protects and heals skin.


  • Turmeric prevents rashes, infections, itching and redness of skin.
  • Turmeric is also known for its natural antiseptic, antifungal property and healing qualities.
  • It helps in speeding up wound healing and assists in restoring damaged skin.
  • Turmeric helps to relieve insect bite irritations as well as other related skin conditions.
  • Turmeric when used regularly cleanses the skin and keeps the skin fresh.

Marigold or Genda flower (Tagetes Erecta)

  • Marigold Flower extract prevents skin infections and rashes.

Aloe Vera

  • Aloe vera has anti-bacterial, anti- inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic properties. These, along with the high moisture content, make it effective in reducing scars and blemishes. It also helps to reduces Acne.
  • Heals External Wounds And Insect Bites
  • Moisturizes Skin without making it greasy


  • Cetrimide is a quatemary ammonium disinfectant and cationic surfactant. It dissociates in aqueous solution into a relatively large and complex cation and a small anion.
  • It has bactericidal activity against Gram positive and at a higher concentration, against some Gram negative organisms.
  • Solutions containing 1 to 3% cetrimide are used as shampoos to remove scales in seborrhea of the scalp (dandruff problem). Aqueous solutions containing 0.1 to 1% have been used for treatment of wounds and burns, for pre-operative cleansing of skin and for removal of scabs and crusts in skin disease.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate

  • Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic that is active against Gram positive and Gram negative organisms.
  • It disrupts the plasma membrane of the bacterial cell, and the bacterial cellular contents are lost.
  • Chlorhexidine solutions leave a residue on the skin which gives a persistent anti bacterial effect lasting 1 or 2 days.
  • Its actions are not affected by blood, pus or soap.

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