Taniisha Ahmed — United Arab Emirates

Products Used: 'Boroline'
Boroline Anticeptic Cream. What wonders does it do, really! First of, the price. It's so affordable for the tube as it lasts long because just a little pinch amount can heal dry skin within 24 hours. Amazing! Then comes the fragrance. No, it's not "sweet, flowery smelling" but has a strong, long lasting smell to it and that's what makes this product so unique. The smell. Further comes the tube container. I'm not sure what material it's made up of but I'm guessing it's some sort of aluminium/soft steely kind of thing. And this is what keeps this cream so fresh and it doesn't melt or freeze in any weather. Plus, it's in a dark green color so you can just spot it anywhere wherever it maybe in your room or a shop. Okay, now about how this product helped me. I've been using it for almost 3 years now and all I can say is that, it works much better than those expensive branded products you find in classy shops. Honestly, you pay around AED2 for this tube and it would last upto 2/3 months (depending on how much you use it) and there you are..soft, supple skin in 24hours. It so good and helpful and affordable that, I don't use a Chapstick at all. Nor do I have to use foot sponges to scrape off dry skin because all I have to do is, apply this at night and in the morning I get fresh, soft baby skin. Like, a Skin Fairy comes at night and heals the skin. Amazing, right? I've recommended this to my friends and they've been using it too now. Plus, if any of my relatives suffer from dry skin, I give them this to try. And here's what, I hope this brand stays forever because I'll be advicing my children to use this product too and tell their kids to use it as well. Because, why not? It does work wonders after all. Also, I'm so glad that I find this at a nearby store in Dubai because not all shops have Boroline here. I just get the tube cream because the other ones aren't available yet. Hope to see all Boroline products soon. Thank you Boroline! :D

Reva Agrawal — India

Products Used: 'Boroline', 'Suthol'
Using when I was child n now my children are using as well myself too good just like my member

Mohit Choudhary — India

Products Used: 'Boroline'
Nothing can be better than Boroline

Afshan — India

Products Used: 'Boroline'
Hi, I am a 26 years old girl, belongs to a very beautiful part of world, Kashmir which is very cold most of the times because of which Boroline has been passing down through the generations like the best traits & even now when the child is born, Boroline stars from the life of very child itself. My famliy uses it for different purposes like if there is any skin allergy, or dry skin or sunburn. So boroline has been like a family member. And because of this Boroline trait in our family, i also started using it from my childhood. I mostly use it on my lips. But once i was out for skiing competition for 20 days, my skin got burnt like hell & then i used boroline on my face with the result of which my face got recovered. There are so many occasions when Boroline helped me. But today i thought to thank you people, because last monday my right hand got burnt. As its mark was visible to everyone & i started worrying about it. Infact everyone said that it's going to take time to get rid of this mark. But as always Boroline was there in my bag & i started using it on the mark. After 4 days, i realised that Boroline is actually working on it & the mark is getting off. This morning when i woke up, i saw that the mark is almost gone & there was a big smile on my face. I seriously wanted to hug that person who developed this Boroline. I called everyone who told me this mark will take time in recovering & informed them that my Boroline proved you people wrong. Boroline gives me a feeling of Grandmother, because it cares about our skin. Boroline can recover any damn thing, which i am now sure of. I seriously want to Thank you people for making this product. I can't imagine my life without Boroline. If it wasn't there, i don't know how would have i overcome my different skin related issues. Thank you so much for being there Boroline. I love you Boroline. Thanks Syed Afshan

Monika Agrawal — India

Products Used: 'Boroline'
Have been using boroline for many years and is only antiseptic I can trust.


Products Used: 'Boroline', 'Eleen', 'Suthol'
It is the best cream I have ever used for my dry lips the whole year. Just had one suggestion that it would be very helpful if this tube packaging is changed to a stick form for the application on the lips which would be very convenient.

Paras Singla — India

Products Used: 'Boroline'
Boroline is very effective antiseptic cream. I can't replace it with other products. It is the only brand for trust. Thank you!

anuradha — India

Products Used: 'Boroline'
I have been using since Childhood in everything like in my dry lips,dry skin,in my wounds,inflammation..and it never failed to impress me..Boroline,i always carry you in my bag..

Shanshank Sharma — India

Products Used: 'Suthol'
Hello Team, Your Suthol is so effective that it cool down my skin rashes and I was facing this problem from the last 3 years. You should take this product to the International platforms and sell it worldwide. You will definitely get huge applause from everywhere. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing cure for Skin.

Tapan Naskar — India

Products Used: 'Boroline', 'Suthol'
As a Bengali, I do not know from when I use Boroline, I think I am the second or third or ....... we are using Boroline. My grandmother use to heat the boroline and put on wounds and any skin sore, boroline at normal temperature is for normal use, like lip-crack etc and hot boroline for special use like wound which accumulate puss or such kind.

Dr. Arvind Saklani — India

Products Used: 'Boroline'
Hi, In this era of fast growing technologies and variety of skin care products flooded in the market by several companies, it is hard to believe that someone like me is "USING BOROLINE FOR PAST 45 YEARS WITHOUT SKIPPING A SINGLE DAY". Yes, I remember in 1984 when I was studying in Uttarkashi, one of my friends suggested me the Boroline cream to take care of my chapped lips and cheeks due to rough and cold weather. Since then, can you believe I could never think of a day without using Boroline immediate after taking bath. It's a fantastic product and I always recommend this to all my friends. Given a chance, I would certainly love to meet the people instrumental in discovery and formulation of such a wonderful product. Being a plant scientist I strongly believe in naturals. Somehow none of the natural creams could replace Boroline from my shaving kit. Thank you. Your sincere customer for past 45 years, Dr Arvind Saklani 8884782444 9930004905

Ankita — India

Products Used: 'Boroline'
I am using boroline from 15 years . I am a very very big fan of boroline. I apply it on my lip, heels and and also on hands in winter .I have never applied any lip balm or moisturizer in my life . Boroline is as necessary as taking food for me. My grandfather and uncle are also use it from many years . Now I am using boroline jelly and I like its packing.It is better than old packing but I don't believe in packing I believe in my cream .Thank you so much to making this product and I loveeeee boroline.

Birendra Majumdar — India

Products Used: 'Boroline', 'Suthol'

Supreet kaur — India

Products Used: 'Boroline'
Hi there.. I just want you guys to know that your boroline works wonders in just one night.. My father use to bring this since We were kids and till today boroline never left me alone.. Such an amazing product . Please please please, it is a sincere request to you guys that never alter this product. I know you never did but for future please don't you ever compromise with its quality and please never ever stop its manufacturing .. Thank you for delivering such a magical product.. Keep ut up ..


Products Used: 'Suthol'
I have been using Suthol as after shave lotion. Suthol is a quality product and in very reasonable rate. Other after shave lotions which are available in market are very expensive as compare to Suthol.

Ashik kumar Mohonta — Bangaldesh

Products Used: 'Boroline'
Boroline is my favourite brand... i like boroline so much... its part of my life.. i trust boroline still now.....

avijeet sarkar — India

Products Used: 'Boroline', 'Suthol'
used boroline since childhood. have not divorced the product till date. suthol - i use it regularly - 365 days. keeps skin irritation away. thanks for givig us such wonderful products.

Kausani Bardhan — India

Products Used: 'Boroline'
Hi, This is on behalf of my granny. I actually wanted to share a video thats her recording for Boroline. But since theres no option to upload a file writing this to you. She is 84yrs old & has been using the product since 60-65 yrs. Shes been a loyal customer & believes that its only because of Boroline shes got good skin. Shes been a single mother from the age of 27 & has raised 3 daughters. Has compromised many things in life except Boroline that shes been using twice a day be it summer or winter. Its a short 6 sec clip where she has tried to act & promote Boroline. Please give a chance to share the video with you . Something really adorable by my beloved granny.

Jyoti Singh — Canada

Products Used: 'Boroline'
I am the biggest fan of your product Boroline. I drive to Toronto, which is 3 hrs away from my home..... to get Boroline :) I just saw your new packaging which is very impressive. My only suggestion or request is to make a Facebook page for Boroline so that I can like it and tell my friend about it easily. Warm Regards Jyoti


Products Used: 'Boroline', 'Eleen', 'Suthol', 'Glosoft'
SutholBoroline is very effective antiseptic cream for broken, dry and rough skin.It repairs them overnight.
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