Qazi Qayyum — United States

Products Used: Boroline
Thank you G D Pharmaceuticals for the production of a great skin cream. It is a 100% better and effective for cuts,wounds and antifungal. I keep always boroline cream at my home and when travel. I will stongly recommend every one to keep this product at home.


Products Used: Suthol
hi, i am sunil gupta, i use suthol regularery I see your advertisiment in INDORE CITY BUS. I sugges a slogan for your product suthol . TWACHA KA RAKHE HARDAM KHAYAL, BOROLINE KA PYARA SUTHOL.

Sonia — Singapore

Products Used: Boroline
I\'ve been using your product boroline for quite some and just some feedback on this good product. I usually use this cream for my hands and my face and it helps alot because my skin is quite sensitive to use other products. Boroline has made a big difference to my skin and it\'s herbal with good components has made my skin even better and softer. It helps in the dryness and the wounds on my skin. I feel quite confident in this product which has helped my skin since a long time. It\'s refreshing and helps make the skin smooth and soft and beautiful. I also like the fragrance of this product boroline. Thank you for sending me the boroline to my house in Singapore. Best Regards, Sonia

Rosita Kumar — India

Products Used: Boroline
Boroline cream is AMAZING. I tend to burn myself quite frequently in the kitchen (I am accident-prone!) and usually quite badly. One day my husband bought Boroline cream and told me to try it - I lathered it on quite thickly and within minutes the stinging ceased! And the burn healed without blistering!! We have also used it exclusively for our baby\'s bottom and she has never had a nappy rash. Only twice has she had some irritation which was completely healed within the same day once Boroline was applied. I have told all my friends back in Australia about this cream and I strongly suggest you market it there as you will have great success with it. It really is fantastic.

sachin gupta — India

Products Used: Boroline
I have one slogan for suthol: na raishes na khujli, suthol se twachha ujli.


Products Used: Boroline, Suthol

Uttam Mallick — India

Products Used: Boroline, Eleen, Suthol
I am Uttam , all the three products are use every day normaly are verry good for me & my famaly.

Akanksha Agarwal — New Zealand

Products Used: Boroline, Eleen
I really love boroline. In new Zealand skin gets really dry and then its susceptible to be easily attacked by germs. Boronile is anti-septic and smooth. I like it. Just wanted to know if anybody sell it in NZ or how can I order it to NZ.

KBS — Australia

Products Used: Boroline
The Boroline cream is amazing. I had a really bad dry skin problem on my for two weeks which no cream was fixing. It was really embarrassing when I go to work because my face would get really dry. I was going to visit Doctor on the weekend but before that, an aunty gave Boroline to use when I told her my problem. So I put on Boroline in the evening before I went to sleep. Straightaway, the next day, my skin was soft and moisturised. THere were no dry spots anymore on my face! Boroline is my miracle cream.

Suman Guha — India

Products Used: Boroline, Suthol
My father used, I am till using and my daughter also using Boroline and suthol. I beleive next ***** generation will be use this products. What should I say about this products? Which I will say that will be nothing as per the benefit of Boroline and Suthol. Just a slogan for Borolin : \"Chitar sathe dio na phul, dio borolin ! kon jonome sodh kori bolo Boroliner riin !!

amritha — India

Products Used: Boroline
boroline s amazing..... especially the customer service at boroline s fantastic......thank u boroline!!!


Products Used: Boroline

C — United Kingdom/Great Britain

Products Used: Boroline
I was reading on the internet about a cream called Boroline that a user was raving about on a website talking about Eczema. Having had this since I was just two years of age I looked to see if I could get the cream and nope not avaliable in the UK so after contacting the people of Boroline they very kindly sent me some cream, well it is working wonders my skin has never been better. Now I am that raving person on about Boroline to anyone and everyone I know who has eczema. I was straight on the phone to my best friend whose granddaughter also has eczema after only having used the cream for two days! It is a cream that is allowing me to move, to walk and not sit in pain I do not have the words to express how grateful I am and will always be and Thank you seems highly inadequate but Thank you anyway.

S.K.Pahari — India

Products Used: Boroline, Suthol
Dada, Hats off to your Suthol.In 65years of my life i have always used boroline for my entire family. But nothing beats the great healing quality of Suthol.It seems you must have taken expertise from the Great PC Sorkar is real magic...Ki daroon baniyechhen dada....Even my grandchildren have started using it and have achiedved excellent results...Jotoi boli totoi kom.....just one request...can we have it in the form of a roll would save a lot of wastage...

Sumana Ganguly — India

Products Used: Boroline, Suthol
These are some man made wonder medicines....boroline has been in use from grannny age and i am using suthol for my whole family, specially with 2 small kids, it is very useful as the basic first aid medicine. Summer means suthol.really soothes all...great going...keep it up!!

Amit Kumar Chakraborty — India

Products Used: Boroline, Suthol
I used Boroline for Insect bytes. It worked magically to give me cure and comfort within 5 hours. Before using boroline I used other crimes but that worked badly on my skin & little bit burned my skin. But I am 200% satisfied after using boroline. So I am writing this feedback. Also used suthol as after saving lotion & it also used to work fine on my skin. Many thanks to GD pharmaceuticals. ~ Amit Chakraborty

H Udeshi — India

Products Used: Boroline, Suthol

Nandkishor — India

Products Used: Boroline, Suthol
This is a great product which ne1 must carry. Since my childhood my father is using this product and believe me, it\'s an amazing product and BOROLINE TEAM deserves it\'s success, truly.

Abraham — United States

Products Used: Boroline
I just wanted to give this feedback to let you know that, Boroline is one of your products that I really like. I hope that you keep up the good work in making this Boroline to be the best Antiseptic Cream!!


Products Used: Boroline, Suthol
Hi, this is Kabbyik... I have been using boroline from my childhood as for myself and my family the product- boroline and suthol we like most, without this our life is impossible, specially boroline in all seasons and suthol in summer...... we pray all the best and great prosperity for boroline in future...
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