Amal Kumar Gorey — India

Products Used: Boroline, Penorub Strong, Suthol
Dear Sir, Our family is a customer of your product.We are very much satisfied with above mentioned three products.We want more product such as mild shampoo, soap and tooth paste from your boroline family. Thanks, Amal

vikalp rahuvanshi — India

Products Used: Boroline, Eleen, Suthol
as it is written on boroline it works wonder. i love it and never start my morning with out boroline. damn good product from years and ll be for years to come!!

Fran — United States

Products Used: Boroline
I discoverd this product on my recent trip to India. After hot oil splashed on my arm while cooking, I put boroline on the burn. The burn was very painful and I could that it was going to blister and become very bad. However after applying boroline, the pain subsided and each day I applied it and the burn started to fade and heal very quickly. I am grateful for this product that can only be found in India and in Indian stores in the States. Thank you very much!

Anusha — India

Products Used: Boroline, Suthol
Boroline is excellent.. having faith and belief on this product, I tried to use the other products from GDP and I find that they have kept their promise in all their produtcs. Suthol is really good and I had skin rashes , which has vanished totally now. I am highly pleased and I would like to use it for a whole life ahead ..also have recommended a few people already . Thanks again Boroline people

arundhati sinha — United States

Products Used: Boroline
all our family members have been using boroline and for any skin disorder the first thing that comes to our mind is boroline.wearing fashion earings my ears were infected and after using boroline my ears were completely relieved.thanks to boroline.


Products Used: Boroline, Eleen, Penorub Strong, Suthol
Boroline is a product which is absolutely timeless. But I would really praise about Suthol. It's a fantastic product which is unique in its category. It really soothes in rashes,cuts and other skin tit-bits. Yes, it really helps in preventing prickly heat.

Ankoosh Gawande — India

Products Used: Boroline, Suthol
From the last 33 years that I remember, my mom has been putting Boroline on me, ever since the time I started understanding. I preffered Boroline over Detol, as it never stung while applied on the cuts and lacerations that I would suffer playing. Suthol is one more won-der-ful product that has been introduced. i only saw the advert in the TOI while visiting the city of Pune, MS. Bought a bottle, gave it a try and fell for it too! Lovely actions. Much better than the what my doctor had prescribed. But my problem is the availabity of the product in the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra, India as of June 2008. Please make sure that Suthol is avalable at all the medical drug shops. Please let me know once this issue is settled. Thanks and Keep the good work going!

C S Bhullar — India

Products Used: Boroline
Have bn using it for the last 29 years and it has become a part of my daily needs.An excellent product ! Introduced to my sister's husband in UK who also has got hooked on .

Mrinmoy Niogy — India

Products Used: Boroline
Boroline is the best antiseptic I have ever used. It has a large number of uses. I just don't have enough words in praise of it. It's just superb.

Aria — United States

Products Used: Boroline
I am a 25 year old african american woman i was given BOROLINE to try four years ago by my close friend from india for my dry skin problem and i've been using it ever since and i use it on my baby girl also out of all the products for skin in the U.S its the only product that works for me and i'm so happy my friend gave it to me to try thankyou for making such a great product

S Suresh — India

Products Used: Boroline
Being an south indian i was born in Calcutta and my dad was using this BOROLINE since 1962 and its 2008 and he is no more but he has inherited BOROLINE to me since my younger age and today i feel the day a restless without the odour and effect of BOROLINE. Infact my son who is just 5yrs old doesnt go to school without having his share of BOROLINE. KEEP IT UP BOROLINE.......KEEP SERVING THE HUMAN BEING...

Avra Bhattacharya — India

Products Used: Boroline
I had been using Boroline since my childhood. I find it very effective in almost every wounds.Thank you Boroline for maintaining my everyouth skin.

Bidisha Bhattacharyya — India

Products Used:
Boroline is simply superb

ashok — India

Products Used: Boroline
sir i am putting a suggetion for your product that it is the right time to introduce the boroline in liquied base i.e.of aloe vera thanks ihope you will like my suggetion

Sucheta Roy — India

Products Used: Boroline
I am Sucheta Roy,a housemaid i use only boroline since childhood.Now i have become 46 years by age,i have got 2 sons of 27 yrs who's doing his phd from NIO dona paula(GOA)& the other of 17 years studiying with science.I m still maintaining my beauty thanks to boroline at this unbelievable age. I never had to visit any beauty parlour or make use of any cosmetics.Thank you boroline for my long lasting youth.

E.De — India

Products Used: Boroline, Eleen, Suthol
I hv used Boroline since childhood as my parents used it, mostly for all purpose. I hv also used Eleen. But today I wud like to say something abt Suthol. Now I hv started using Suthol & I hv to say that the fragrance is just awesome! Frankly speaking I use Suthol only b'cos of its beautiful & refreshing scent. Hence I wud request u to make a product like deo or perfume spay so that the fragrance always lingers on our body & mind!

Prasenjeet Mukherjee — United Kingdom/Great Britain

Products Used: Boroline
My parents are both Indian, but I was born in USA and grew up in Germany/UK, and am amazed of lot of my friends and relatives born and bred in UK that are using "Boroline" rather than the vaselines that are provided in UK. I there fore decided to test out the product myself, and have been using Boroline till present. Just for interest, I created a group on facebook to find out how many UK born and bred citizens use the product and was quite amazed, that your product has reached out globally. I am quite delighted with the outcome of your website, and that has lot of information regarding all your products and think the boroline "green-tube" is a unique design and that it rocks.. and after doing my own market research, popular age catergory from 18-35 in UK uses Boroline, but would be great if this product was available on UK chemist stores.


Products Used: Boroline, Eleen
Boroline is a household name a child is born and grows up with. The present generation is imbibed with the benefits of Boroline from our elders who advise and be at our assistance from time to time. Boroline is like a tradition being passed on from one generation to other through its belief and dedication that individuals develop with experience. Lord Ganapati is worshipped in Maharashtra and Boroline popularly known as "Hatti/Hathi Cream" has the blessings of the Lord to cure ailments with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Similarly Eleen and presently New Eleen Hair Oil gives a feeling of freshness and rejuvenates growth of hair, stops hair fall and spreads fragrance all around. Believe me, the tendency of hair fall during my visits to Kolkatta with high content of iron in water, was restricted, to my surprise. G.D. Pharmaceuticals have been kind enough to send me my quota of New Eleen Hair Oil each time upon request and I thank their Logistics team for their excellent work and support. Let me tell you that New Eleen Hair Oil has still not been marketed in Mumbai and will hopefully be launched very soon. But then, I will always miss interacting with the team of G.D. Pharmaceuticals through my requests and mails and always been appreciated for my feedbacks. Good work, fantastic management techniques, wonderful and useful product and passing on traditions from one generation to another is commendable. Thank you Boroline.

Saikat Chaudhuri — United States

Products Used: Boroline
As an Indian professor who has lived in Germany and currently resides in the United States, I have been using Boroline my entire life. To this day, it remains the only multi-purpose cream I have ever seen anywhere which truly is effective for such a wide array of conditions. I am happy to see the launch of this website and the onset of more aggressive marketing for the product to succesfully compete in the modern marketplace and regain its rightful market share. I hope Boroline will not only strengthen as a national brand, but will eventually also rise to be a global force.
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