Aruna H Tipnis — India

Products Used: Boroline
Thank you Boroline. It is not only a good anitseptic cream but has aslo helped me improve my complexion. My colleagues ask and I reply, \" Khushboodar antiseptic cream boroline.\"

Niraj Yadav — India

Products Used: Boroline
Best Antiseptic Cream Of The Decade Regards Niraj

parth c — India

Products Used: Boroline
I used to have very much cracked lips. I tried every type of fancy cream available in market and nothing was to be working. Finally I try boroline and it work like a magic! I have wonderful softy lips after just once application. Thank you boroline family for making this wonder cream. I also love the smell of boroline cream and use it as face moisturiser when i used to be living in the america. it is the bestest of the best.

Bothra R C — Japan

Products Used: Boroline, Eleen
I am a Calcutta born Indian living in Japan since 1975. I have used BOROLINE all my life and it is fantastic cream. It has kept its originality till today and used by millions in the world.many congratulation to G D PHARMACETUCALS

azam khan — India

Products Used:
Really a very good anticeptic cream...!! Hope u\'ll soon to launch a boroline winter care lotion.. Plz!

Rakesh Bothra — Japan

Products Used: Boroline
I was born in Kolkata,from my childhood using Boroline.A great product ans well maintained.I moved to Japan about 38yrs back and am using Boroline regularly. It is still fantastic to any problem. GAMBATTE

juhee — India

Products Used: Boroline
hello to Borolene family. I have been a regular user of borolene since childhood. It just works wonders as an antiseptic cream. I have also heard a lot about your other products especially Suthol that it helps to cure acne. But other than borolene these products are not available in our city\'s medical stores. It would be nice if you would make available these products also in this part.

payel paul — India

Products Used: Boroline
Boroline...My all time favorite antiseptic cream.I am using since my childhood is Boroline.It\'s a great antiseptic cream. That\'s why i say, \"surovito antiseptic cream boroline\"

Sulochana Agarwal — India

Products Used: Boroline
Its the best cream that ever came across my life.

Har Simran Singh — India

Products Used: Boroline
me & my family using this magical BOROLINE since more then 30 years. Every night i apply it & every morning i my skin more fresh. I have lukoderma skin problem on my whole body but i am using MAGICAL BOROLINE on my hands & on face too & i must tell everyone that i have much beter skin on both the parts. I apply it on my personal parts to avoid itching. We apply on babies skin also & belive me there is not even a single side efect & no change in the product since we are using IT. Me & my family storngly recomend BOROLINE TO all . New packing is too good to use. Spl thanks to who make magical BOROLINE. Pls don\'t try to chang it .....

Sahana Prabhu — India

Products Used: Boroline
I have used Boroline cream and its wonderful.I applied it by slightly heating it becoz otherwise it has a thick consistency.It made my skin soft. I have a request to make-Please i want a boroline body lotion.I hope they start producing one ASAP.

Rishi Dongre — India

Products Used: Boroline
Hii sir.. I m a regular consumer of Boroline.. it is a very useful part of my daily life.. Its fragrance is awesome.. I just wanna say that ki ham boroline ko kai salo se isi pack me dekh rahe hain.. why dont u plz manufacture it in a plastic tube..i have some problem while putting it into my pocket whole day.. Plz sir i have a suggestion that why don\'t u produce it in a smaller pack of plastic tube also of 5 or 10 rs.. after doing this the product will also reach the range of very poor people and also useful for the guys who used to take it in their pocket.. kindly think about it!!! with best regards.. Rishi Dongre

Sajal Roy — India

Products Used: Boroline, Suthol
I never use any creme other than Boroline in winter since 10 years.It is excellent and cheaper also.It is my regular habit of using Suthol during my Bath after launching it in the market.

Thanuja — India

Products Used: Boroline
I have been using Boroline since 10 years and it is the only multipurpose cream doing wonders for various skin disorders. It is a good traveling company too and had almost supported me to different countries weather condition. Great Product and strongly recommend this.

Rahul Agarwal — India

Products Used: Boroline
Its a product which is used in my home, since last 20 years.

Deepika Agarwal — India

Products Used: Boroline
Its the best product, i can say an all rounder, can be used every season.

Anjan Debnath — India

Products Used: Boroline, Penorub Strong, Suthol
I am very happy to say that , since birth I am using Boroline and our family members also.After shaving I am facing problem then I advised to use Suthol,it\'s miracle remedy to me, right now no problem at all.Not only that I have problem with Dandruff now after using Eleen 80% cured.So there is no pharmaceutical co.(competitor) to maintain it as Social aspect beside the reasonable price to common people.Best wishes to all of you.

Shiuli Das — Bangladesh

Products Used: Suthol
First of all I want to thank BOROLINE People to send me suthol (both green and orange one)as gift. Suthol is not available in Bangladesh. I used suthol for prickly heat of my 3 years old son and within 10 days he got total relief. I am very much thankful to you.


Products Used: Boroline, Eleen, Penorub Strong, Suthol
I have recently used Suthol Sandal. It\'s awesome. It really provides effective prickly heat treatment with lingering sandal fragrance. Thanks Boroline for presenting us another gem.

megha — India

Products Used: Boroline
your product is awesome, it give us quick relief by applying your product, one thing about to tell u that boroline is thick otherwise it good.
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