sudhir kumar pal — India

Products Used: Boroline, Suthol
both the products i used, boroline and suthol are great. these are one of the finest BHARATIYA products. kindly please be them as they are, i.e., purely BHARATIYA. GOD bless you all

gangaram vishwakarma — India

Products Used: Boroline
i have using this proudct and its really nice cream me n my family use it a since 35yrs.

Bhavna — India

Products Used: Boroline
I just loved this product. I used it on my cracked heels and it really works. It is not just a good skin but also for lips eyes cheeks and hands. I dont feel shy wearing my nice sandals. Thanks boroline for taking me away from Shocka and Shoes :)

Jasbir Rana — India

Products Used: Eleen
eleen hair oil is very nice and healthy for my hair

Nilanjana Chakraborty — India

Products Used: Boroline, Eleen, Penorub Strong, Suthol
Today I am completing one year with my best friend boroline. Year long I have used Boroline, suthol, a facewash provided by the company, to prevent pimples. Earlier I said that I have a very sensitive type of skin and it was too prone to acne. After three year long harassment from those ultimately I could get rid of those with the aid of Boroline and others. Now I belong to boroline family.

Deepika Aggarwal — India

Products Used: Boroline
It is the best cream. I use it daily for me and for my kids. I always keep it with me.

Pramod shah — India

Products Used: Boroline
It\'s very nice antiseptic cream for skin thanks.

vijay shankar khemka — India

Products Used: Boroline
there is no substitute of boroline in the indian market as well as the co\'s customer\'s care cell effectively works . i bought a boroline from a reputed retail mart of our city and found a difference while using . without delay i called up the company and intimated about the fact . i was pleased to note that the company took action very quickly and sent their representative at my address and collected the used boroline pack and gave me a new tube of boroline . i am also assured by the company that the suspecious tube of the boroline will be sent to laboratory for testing . i am very much pleased with such a quick response and action . i thank mr. ghosh of calcutta office .

Manuja Mishra — India

Products Used: Boroline
I use boroline every at night and it had smoothened my lips and face that I tell everyone about boroline.

hasan — India

Products Used: Boroline
This is the best cream not only for me but also all my relatives family members and friends. i can tell how much it is helpful to me . i was having a worst problem which i cant tell u in this msg .I was very shy so i don\'t tell anyone about that.then i thought my father and even my grand father(he fought in 2nd world war with subhash chandra bose )tells every time to use this cream for all purpose so i tried Ur product . surprisingly i was recovered from that problem just in 8 hours. then i shared this incident with my best friend. funny coincidence was that he told me that he was having same problem earlier and he also recovered with the help of boroline. hahahaha

Jagadish — India

Products Used: Boroline
I am very happy to express about the best of my close friend Boroline, the product which i am using from my childhood, not only me including all my family members. It\'s such much closed to me as my close-friend, where it was always given me a quick recovery to keep me happy and do learn cycling from bad rashes, prepare me healthy to do funny mistakes again and again and saving us from chilled winter and hot summer to protect our skins ever green. There it is no side effects/infection of this product I ever seen. I even suggest most of my friends to use it to get glorious skin, behalf of using other products which containing the highly effective chemicals. It works in all the way as an antiseptic cream to protect you from wounds, infection, pimples and even mosquitoes stayed away. I never heard about the other 2 products Penorub & Suthol, because I ever believe one and only one – “BOROLINE”. We wish to keep our global ever green, but Boroline ever keeping us ever green so the label and the cover is made green since its exposed to this global world. Thanks for the team “GD” who made this extraordinary & amazing friend to us.

rahul gupta — India

Products Used: Boroline
i using this product from my childhood dad introduced to me.last 20 years i am using this.this is the only cream i believe in.within few days of use it shows result.thank you

Reetika Singla — India

Products Used: Boroline, Suthol
hi....boroline team...i am very very thankful to the people who came up with the idea&formulation of this fantabulous product.Not only have I used boroline,but it was being used by my mom since her childhood&also by her mom ever since she was young,maybe,since 1962 or my son& also my entire family is using this magical product! We all simply love it!! It gives me a perfect skin... Also,Suthol works wonders. I just bought it because it was from the makers of boroline,it is really good! A request,please give us a product in the form of a skin lotion,for the face,i\'m sure it would work wonders too!!! Thanks

G M Faheem Ahmed — India

Products Used: Boroline
Hi Boroline Team, I am using this wonder cream for about two weeks from now and i must say that it works wonders. I had redness on my face due to excess exposure to AC in my office. After using BOROLINE, the redness has been faded lightly and i hope that on constant usage my face will become normal. I must say that instead of spending your money to costly creams and medicines this SMALL WONDER is enough for majority of your skin problems. Also the Customer Care team is just amazing. Quality service which is rare to find now. Thank you

Mayur Lad — India

Products Used: Boroline
I\\\'m using Boroline from childhood. My Mother was taken me from my Born. It’s my afterhsave, sunscreen,moisturiser,night cream, antiseptic lotion and all in one for any cuts or burns.Thank you Boroline. I have imported Boroline, a wonderful cream to provide to my relative and friends.


Products Used: Boroline, Eleen, Suthol

Chandranath Dey — India

Products Used: Boroline
I\'m using Boroline since last 50 years. It’s my afterhsave, sunscreen,moisturiser,night cream, antiseptic lotion and all in one for any cuts or burns. I have never stepped out of home without using Boroline in kolkata’s hot sun or attended any wedding party without rubbing Boroline on my face. My family members call me Brand ambassador of Boroline.I have always insisted my family to use Boroline. I\'m 55 Yrs old and still look very young. One funny compliment: My daughter’s friends have always mistaken me as her brother (instead of father) because of my glowing skin. Boroline is my best friend.

Malik Ghufran Rumi — India

Products Used: Boroline
Boroline is a very good product, and I cant survive winters without Boroline..

chandrasekhar pendekanti — India

Products Used: Boroline
boroline is god gift product worold 8th wonder product.

Jaswinder Paul singh — Canada

Products Used: Boroline
the product is so good so good that it di wonders to my skin & piples on my sons face now my skin is so soft and also got rid of the problem of skin around nails peeling off.
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