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Boroline - Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream

Dry Skin Cream


If you have been searching for the ultimate dry skin treatment product, Boroline cream is surely what you have been looking for.

Antiseptic Liquid


Say goodbye to itchy skin, rashes, prickly heat. Spray Suthol antiseptic liquid after bathing or mix in bath water.

Dry Skin Lotion

Bo Body Lotion

Boroline’s Bo body lotion for dry skin care. Bo Body dry skin moisturizer is extra-hydrating & all- natural.

bo lips for lip care

Lip Balm

Bo Lips

Almond oil, extracted from sweet almonds, is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Night Cream

Boroline Ultrasmooth

Boroline Ultrasmooth cream turns dry and rough skin to soft, happy skin overnight. Give your skin a treat tonight!

Ayurvedic Hair Oil


Eleen Active Amla, as the name suggests, is loaded with Amla. Eleen’s Classic variant has double benefits of Bhringaraj and Amla.

Super Fast Pain Relief

Penorub Red

Being liquid, Penorub Red penetrates deep within the painful area, carrying its healing properties to provide super-fast relief.

rinse free hand wash

Hand Wash


Ruksha won’t let your hands become rough while keeping them free from various disease causing germs.

best mosquito killer spray

Mosquito Repellent


Fight the mosquito menace effectively, the natural way- Boroline’s Noprix spray. Be safe from mosquito bites.