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Boroline - Best antiseptic ayurvedic cream company - company image
Boroline - Best antiseptic ayurvedic cream company - company image

Boroline fights Covid 19

We believe, that India will be able to overcome the crisis of Covid 19 Pandemic if, each one of us contribute on ground as much as we can. With the words of Swami Vivekananda “Jibe prem kore jei jon, sei jon sebiche Ishwar” (One who serves living beings, serves God) as our guiding light, we are working on.

1. 21st March 2020: 5040 bottles of Suthol was handed over to Kolkata Corporation.

2. 22nd March 2020: The Boroline People stands with people of Tripura in fight against Covid 19

3. March 2020: Twenty Six thousand bottles of Suthol handed over to Bharat Sevashram Sangh, for distribution in South 24Pgs as personal disinfectant.

4. Distribution of Mask and Suthol from Bharat Sevashram Sangh office gate on 23 March 2020.

5. 27th March 2020: Total Contribution of INR 55 lakhs made to PM Relief Fund.

6. 24th March 2020: 960 pcs Suthol to Mumbai Police as personal disinfectant through Samarpan NGO.

7. 25th March 2020: 3480 pcs of Suthol to Kolkata Police.

8. 27th March 2020: Contribution of INR.50 lakhs to WB Emergency Relief Fund.

9. 30th March 2020: 1200 pcs of Suthol handed over to Superintendent of Police, Anand.

10. 30th March 2020: A Fruit seller in Bhillai is found to have been using Suthol as disinfectant and sanitiser to fight against Coronavirus

11. 31st March 2020: started manufacturing operations to produce Suthol in this hour of need, complying all safety measures to ensure our people remain safe.

12. Throughout April volunteering groups of Kolkata had contacted us for Suthol and were provided the same for distribution within their localities at discounted price

13. 1st April 2020: Tweet from renowned Fashion Photographer Mr. Atul Kasbekar appreciating ‘The Boroline People’ on their contribution towards the Society during Covid 19 Pandemic times

14. 5th April 2020: In a Post Office, Hooghly, W.B. Suthol is being used to sanitise hands during Covid 10 pandemic times

15. 6th April 2020: Suthol sanitation of food delivery boys was done at Jaipur through our Jaipur office.

16. 8th April 2020: 2500 units of Suthol handed over to Vijaywada police.

17. 8th April 2020: 5000 units of Suthol handed over to Delhi Police.

18. By 10th April 2020: About 500 PP kits arranged for the medical officers of Institute of Child Health, Kolkata.

19. 11th April 2020: Received the accelerated stability study reports for the Sanitisers developed in-house in March. They were positive and we took steps to register the same.

20. 15th April 2020: Despatched 1 lakh units of Suthol to Additional Commissioner of Police, Mumbai ( Central) for distribution amongst the sisters & brothers of Dharavi.

21. 17th April 2020: Received emergency permission to manufacture Hand Sanitisers as “ Boroline’s Ruksha”.

22. By 20th April 2020: Achieved producing 1 lakh Sanitiser bottles per shift.

23. 21st April 2020: 4000 units of Suthol were distributed amongst essential service providers in Rishikesh through our Uttarakhand office.

24. 21st April 2020: 5040 pcs of Suthol handed over to Deputy Commissioner of Police ( Railways), New Delhi.

25. 23rd April 2020: 1 lakh Suthol along with 1 lakh reusable masks reach Dharavi.

26. 23rd April 2020: 1 lakh Suthol along with 1 lakh reusable masks reach Dharavi.

27. 24th April 2020: Boroline’s Ruksha Hand sanitizer was made available in the market.

28. 24th April 2020: published in Tamil Newspaper ‘Dinakaran’. It is about G.D. Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Giving away Germ killing product to Police Commissioner of Chennai.

29. 27th April 2020: 500 pcs of Suthol handed over to Joint Commissioner of Police, Guwahati for Kamrup metro.

30. 28th April 2020: 480 pcs Suthol handed over to Agartala police through local office.

31. 2nd May 2020: 1 lakh reusable masks were again handed over for distribution in Dharavi.

32. 5th May 2020: Handed over 1920 Boroline’s Ruksha hand sanitisers for distribution in Kolkata.

33. 5th May 2020: Handed over 480 bottles of Ruksha hand sanitisers to Institute of Child Health Hospital.

34. 14th May 2020: Handed over 9600 pcs of Suthol to Bharat Sevashram Sangh.

35. In Mumbai, The Boroline People organized with help of Municipal Authorities, Police and NGO Samarpan, to distribute RATION and SANITARY KIT for 500 families, started from 17.05.2020.

36. From 21st May 2020, we started handing-over Suthol 100mls to each migrant leaving Mumbai, going home.

37. 29th May 2020: Vidya Balan sends her appreciation for Boroline’s continuous fight against Covid-19. She applauds our sense of commitment and efforts and ends saying that she is one of The Boroline People ….. Thank you Vidya ji….we are thrilled.

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