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 by Shubhangi Yadav
Location: Pune, India

Thank you Boroline you change my life . I knew about the boroline best for lips and dry skin for winter days .But I have mild issue of ACNE ,when i was 20 year old so for ACNE issue i started treatment from dermatologist. Treatment works for some year but after some days it getting worse .I have took many time treatment but Acne was getting worse. Now i am 31 year old and still I had one treatment for worst acne. winter is going on and i need something for my 5 year boy i bought Boroline .i applied his lips at night also i wash face and i applied on my lips and only pimple area (try base for pimples’)2nd day magic happed .My acne Boils got dry ,So i took risk and i daily applied Boroline on my pimple area.Withine week my all infected Skin got cleared and smooth .Now will passing this Information all my family and friends .Again thanks Boroline to saved me from that tablet which had bad side effect for kidney also form Dispersion.I can see my real beauty. Love you.

 by Atul Gupta
Location: Ranchi, India

I have been using your Boroline Antiseptic Cream Products since 1977. Has seen the changes in the pack type and design over the years. The quality of the products is best as usual.

The product brings joy and smiles on the cracked lips and skin.

i have customized “my always on the go pack”

Attaching the pic for reference. Suggest you can customize this design, this will make your valued customer really really Happy.

Cheers with lots of the Boroline Smiles.

 by Rakhi Kashyap
Location: Bulandshahr, India

Awesome products. Only product in the market which needs no promotion and if for once the user uses, the user shall continue to use the product forever and shall recommend others too. I relied on boroline cream and apply in night and had amazing skin. It helped removed scars, dead skin and softens the skin giving a shiny glow. ThoughI have oily skin type but this greasy skin is magical for me. I HENCE WOULD LIKE TO RECOMMEND THE BRAND TEAM OF #BOROLINE @BOROLINE team to kindly create a checkout platform over your official site so that we directly buy products from your site online. Please bring on more skincare, haircare and beautycare products for us and bloom with flying colours. WITH BEST WISHES, YOUR VALUED CUSTOMER

 by Sraj
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

My family was very happy with the opportunity to get Boroline, repair cream. My husband, on his trip to India was introduced to this product thanks to his Indian master, years ago and back in Europe did everything possible to have access to the cream which has become a must for all the family members. My daughters and my grandchildren use it for dry skin or children’s small bumps or insect bites. So, we can say that Boroline is used for the 3rd generation now and we are introducing it also to our friends. We are very grateful to the company and M. Tushar Kar to have make it available for us here in Slovenia.

 by Saikat Chaudhuri
Location: United States

As an Indian professor who has lived in Germany and currently resides in the United States, I have been using Boroline my entire life. To this day, it remains the only multi-purpose cream I have ever seen anywhere which truly is effective for such a wide array of conditions. I am happy to see the launch of this website and the onset of more aggressive marketing for the product to succesfully compete in the modern marketplace and regain its rightful market share. I hope Boroline will not only strengthen as a national brand, but will eventually also rise to be a global force.

 by Jayant Kumar Ray
Location: Mumbai, India

Boroline is a household name a child is born and grows up with. The present generation is imbibed with the benefits of Boroline from our elders who advise and be at our assistance from time to time. Boroline is like a tradition being passed on from one generation to other through its belief and dedication that individuals develop with experience. Lord Ganapati is worshipped in Maharashtra and Boroline popularly known as “Hatti/Hathi Cream” has the blessings of the Lord to cure ailments with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Similarly Eleen and presently New Eleen Hair Oil gives a feeling of freshness and rejuvenates growth of hair, stops hair fall and spreads fragrance all around. Believe me, the tendency of hair fall during my visits to Kolkatta with high content of iron in water, was restricted, to my surprise. G.D. Pharmaceuticals have been kind enough to send me my quota of New Eleen Hair Oil each time upon request and I thank their Logistics team for their excellent work and support. Let me tell you that New Eleen Hair Oil has still not been marketed in Mumbai and will hopefully be launched very soon. But then, I will always miss interacting with the team of G.D. Pharmaceuticals through my requests and mails and always been appreciated for my feedbacks. Good work, fantastic management techniques, wonderful and useful product and passing on traditions from one generation to another is commendable. Thank you Boroline.

 by Prasenjeet Mukherjee
Location: London, United Kingdom/great Britain

My parents are both Indian, but I was born in USA and grew up in Germany/UK, and am amazed of lot of my friends and relatives born and bred in UK that are using “Boroline” rather than the vaselines that are provided in UK.

I there fore decided to test out the product myself, and have been using Boroline till present.

Just for interest, I created a group on facebook to find out how many UK born and bred citizens use the product and was quite amazed, that your product has reached out globally.

I am quite delighted with the outcome of your website, and that has lot of information regarding all your products and think the boroline “green-tube” is a unique design and that it rocks.. and after doing my own market research, popular age catergory from 18-35 in UK uses Boroline, but would be great if this product was available on UK chemist stores.

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